Revision Quiz 1

What to read in detail

  • Meade, chapters 1-6
  • Chasteen, chapters 1-2
  • Class notes
  • Latin American countries (location), capitals, and one important city per country (NOTE: “important” might be a little subjective. Some of you may rely on size, others on history, and others on relationship with the capital city. Be prepare to defend your choice if it is not very obvious).

Sample questions

  • Locate the following countries in a map of Latin America, name their capital cities and another important city.
    • Peru
    • Nicaragua
    • Jamaica
    • Uruguay
    • Brazil
  • Give an example of a caudillo and explain why he would qualify as such.
  • Describe one positive and one negative consequence of the guano boom in Peru.
  • Explain how trade and imperialism intersect in Latin America, and give one example.
  • Asian immigration to Latin America…
    • …displaced European workers in plantations, mines, and guano fields.
    • …achieved, in some cases, middle-class status that generated resentment among the locals.
    • …mixed in well with the locals of the Caribbean.
    • …was insignificant.

General instructions

The quiz has at least two sections, the map quiz and the historical quiz. Read the instructions carefully as in many parts you can choose what questions to answer.


  • Do we have to study the sources? No.
  • Do we have to study articles such as Navarro Floria’s or Zimmerer? No.
  • Do we have to remember dates? Yes, the important ones that we have mentioned a lot. Otherwise, try to manage time frames like decades or “early nineteenth century”.
  • Do we need to know the location of all the islands of the Caribbean? Only the most relevant countries. Have we ever talked about Aruba?
  • Can we do it in pencil? Yes, but I’d rather you didn’t.