How to be Successful in this Course

There are several things you have to do to learn during this semester; some are basic attitudes, some are a little more demanding. I am taking all these into account for your grade. Let us start with the ground rules:

Come to class and be on time. If you cannot make it, or you know you are going to be late because you are walking from another class, please let me know. Remember you need to present a certificate for these unattendances/ lateness. If you plan to be absent for religious reasons, no certificate is necessary, of course, but still let me know at the beginning of the semester. Being absent does not exempt you from reading and/or handing in assignments.

Turn you phones off and away. Your phone does not facilitate learning, it distracts you. It also distracts me. Phones off and in your bags please.

Dress appropriately. Please do not come in pyjamas or clothes you use to sleep in. I will encourage you to look tidy. You are coming to class, not to the beach.

Laptops, Ipads, and other devices. I do not mind your using this type of tools for learning. Please, do not use Facebook or other social media in class, avoid visiting unrelated websites. It distracts your fellow classmates. You are given freedom, use it wisely. I reserve the right to prohibit these devices if they are a barrier to your learning. As a side note, I strongly advice you to take notes on notepads. Jotting down ideas helps you process them and internalize them better.

Be responsible. Read the given texts, do the assignments, engage, bring the reading material to our sessions. If you have questions, ask them. If you do not want to ask them in front of everybody, come and see me. Be responsible for your own learning. I cannot learn for you, unfortunately.

Use of language. You are here to learn how to express complex ideas so language is important. Written and oral articulation and accuracy will enhance your learning. Pay attention how you present and how you write. We are not talking about “that guy”, and things are not “like” anything. Either they are or they are not. They may be similar to something else.

Respect the College Honor Code. In case you forgot about it, you can find it here. Especially, pay attention the section that deals with plagiarism and fraud.

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