Assignment instructions


By the end of the course, we will make a Google Map with pins on World Heritage Sites. In pairs, you will prepare the mini-website for one site using WordPress. Here, you should discuss two key questions that appear on the syllabus through the example of a heritage site. Content, organization, argument, and aesthetics will be taken into account for your grade. Upon completion and in lieu of a final exam, we will meet one-on-one to discuss this work. Hence, the grade will have a group/written/digital component and an oral/individual/informal component. Last day to submit proposal is Tuesday 29th March 2016 at noon (one page, one submission per group).

Aim: To assess the acquisition of historical knowledge and historical skills as described in the syllabus

Outcome: That you produce a website analyzing a heritage site in Latin America in collaboration with a fellow student. This website will be pinned to a map on our class site.

The project has three components.

1. Pairwork: With a partner, you will produce a website on a heritage site in Latin America. In this website you should:

  • Describe the site and its relevance/importance to humanity.
  • Track the impact of its heritage for local residents historically.
  • Analyze the significance of its status.
  • Reflect on its status in the light of class discussions.
  • Make proposals –if needed– for conservation polices on site and for tourism practices.

2. Individual presentation: We are not going to have a final exam per se, but a final one-on-one meeting during exam period. You should be prepared to answer questions about anything we have read and discussed in class. The first two or three minutes are going to be you presenting on your site. Before coming in, you will submit your Site Travelogue (attached). This is a sort of journal that you submit every week after Spring Break for me to sign. You are responsible for logging and getting the signatures.

3. Collaborative group work: The Google map in our class website depends on all of us. This means submitting everything on time and uploading sites without mistakes. Sites that are incomplete or do not work will be put down.

Important Dates

February 9th by the start of the class: Submit your partner and your heritage site

March 29th at noon: Last day to submit 1-page proposal

April 14th at noon: Last day to submit a 2 page report on your work and a dummy website.

April 21st: By this date you should have an individual meeting day for your final presentation.

April 26th at 5pm: Pins should be on Google Maps on our site. Please drop your travelogues in my box.*

*Travelogue template on Blackboard


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